Closing a Chapter

It is with many emotions we write to say “Thank You.”  In 2008, God used a Weekend to Remember marriage getaway to call us into the life of full-time ministry.  We watched in amazement as HE sold our house in a crashing market and as HE provided for our every need as we trusted Him with our family.  Looking back on the timeline of the past six years, God is just amazing.  He called us to serve with FamilyLife, sold our house, connected us with families we didn’t know, raised our support, and had us report right on time.  If there was any delay, we would not have been properly positioned for the arrival of our twin daughters.  God’s faithfulness gave us the confidence to open our home to a teenager and ultimately to adopt four beautiful children.  We are so thankful for everything that God has done in our lives, and a huge part of that is thankfulness for YOU.  Your prayer and financial support helped equip us for the work that God has called us to do:  mentoring and coaching marriages and serving the foster care and adoption community.

So with greater faith and deep thankfulness, we look to the next step in our calling.  We now know that after these years of work with FamilyLife, God has released us from this assignment to allow us to give greater focus on raising our children and coaching other adoptive families.  We have begun the withdrawal process from FamilyLife and are excited to see what God has for us next.


How can you help?

First, please pray for us during this transition.  We are actively seeking God’s wisdom and direction for our family.  Although we know that God wants us to focus on our family and our ministry to foster and adoptive families, there are still several employment possibilities on the horizon.  We also need His supernatural strength to keep things as normal as possible for our children.

Second, please continue to give for the next two months.  Our staff account will be available for us to continue receiving paychecks and insurance through July 1st.  Please feel free to call, email, text, or message us through Facebook for help with discontinuing your monthly electronic giving.

Finally, please consider giving a final special gift to help our family with transitional costs, specifically those related to a possible relocation.  If you are able to give a special gift, please contact us directly to learn the best way to send your gift.

The hardest part about this change is youWe are so thankful for the relationships, especially friendships, encouragement, and love that you have so freely given us.  We are not the same people we were six years ago.  We would not be without You!  We hope that you will allow us to stay connected with you as we follow Jesus and explore new roads of ministry.

Thank you.  Thank you!  THANK YOU!

We love you dearly!

Michael & Alecia
Truett, Gabriel, Andrew, Naomi, AnaMarie, & Angelica

Future Updates

Once God has directed us to our next place of ministry, we will post another update.  We do hope to continue to send (less frequent) prayer letter updates so you can keep up with how God is blessing us and how you can pray.  If we do, however, they will probably be focused on our eNewsletter and our blog.  If you haven’t already, please take some time to sign up to receive our eNewsletter and our Christmas Card, too:

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